Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation is now accepting applications to support the expansion of ProStart and the Hospitality Tourism Management Program (HTMP) in Minnesota high schools. There are two grant opportunities available to reimburse schools for costs related to:

  • Curriculum Acquisition -- this grant can only be used for the purchase of the ProStart and/or HTMP program curricula.

  • Program Support -- this grant can only be used to purchase the ProStart and/or HTMP programs' ServSafe, food budget and teacher trainings.

Schools are welcome to apply for both grants. There is no specific application deadline, though the pool of funds is limited so applying immediately is strongly encouraged. 

In exchange, school programs agree to do the following:

  • Participate in HMEF Survey (NRAEF Survey – mandatory for all ProStart Schools) to gather data for grant use. Example: number of classes, number of students in classes, barriers within the classes, etc.

  • Teachers must attend one HMEF teachers training/meeting each year.

  • Schools must notify HMEF of teacher changes/retirements to ensure continuity of the HMEF program in the school.


To get the most out of the program experience, HMEF strongly encourages schools to participate in at least one of the following: State ProStart Competition, Other HMEF event opportunities, HMEF fundraiser featuring students (Stars of the Future), Community event/school (send documentation), Industry Tours.

To apply:

  • Print and complete your application.

  • Return to Cyndi Keesee:

    • Scanned copy by email: (preferred)

    • Hard copy by mail: 2520 University Av SE, Ste 201, Minneapolis MN  55414

The Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation management team will review and must approve all completed grant requests prior to releasing funds. Once approved, applicants will be notified and payment sent upon confirmation of the school's documented purchase of the appropriate materials (i.e. curriculum or program support items).

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Cyndi Keesee at (651) 925-4012 or