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We know that Marketing is one of the top three subjects that you, our members, would like more information about. So we've created a seven-part series designed to give you a grounding in Marketing and Communications principles.


Presenting Hospitality Minnesota's Marketing and Communications Conference: Making Your Brand's Story Shine. This is a series of Marketing and Communications tips and tricks designed to give your business a boost. This series is ideal for leaders in Hospitality Management who are tasked with adding marketing and communications to their roles, and is designed to clarify, assist and inspire those who aren't sure what mar/comms entails.


You can register for individual sessions a la carte or for the entire conference at a discounted rate. Can’t make a session? Register anyway! Post-conference, you will receive links to recordings of the sessions and copies of the presenters' decks for the sessions you’re registered for.

Conference Schedule

(All sessions are 2:00-3:00pm Central)


March 23:

Assessing Your Strengths

Presented By: Alison Cromie

Are you stuck by a lack of time, experience, or content ideas? Understanding how mar/comm can build a brand, and how to make it work for you from where you're at is the key to success for anyone new to marketing and communications.


March 30:

Finding Your Story

Presented By: Kelly McManus

Unlocking your brand's unique story. Learning how to use storytelling in your mar/comm efforts will open up the flood gates of ideas, as it will come from the heart rather than the "what we do" message over and over again.

April 6:

Making a Plan

Presented By: Phalin Oliver

Knowing you have to do something isn't the same as making a PLAN to do something. We'll show you tips and tricks on building your very own marketing/communications calendar on a limited time, experience and budget.

April 13:

Creating Content

Presented By: Phalin Oliver

What is content and how do you create it? From words to fancy visuals creating engaging content is key to breaking through the noise.


April 20:

Posting Content

Presented By: Phalin Oliver

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn... the places to post are overwhelming. What if you're a newbie? We'll walk you through the top platforms and give you the best practices for how/when to post, and what to expect to nurture engagement.

April 27:

Analyzing the Response

Presented By: Alison Cromie

You're doing all your posts, and getting likes, but now what? We'll show you how to manage your Google search results, optimize your SEO and pick which KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) you should be watching on a monthly basis.

May 4:

Expanding Your Network

Presented By: Joe Henry and Nicole Lalum

How to work with Explore Minnesota and Destination Marketing Organizations to expand your reach.



  • Full Conference Pass: $75 members / $95 general

  • Individual Sessions: $15 (same price for members and general)

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