Updates and Resources on Coronavirus and impact on our industry

MARCH 25: Governor Walz calls for shelter-in-place for Minnesotans through April 10, with the dine-in closure order for restaurants and other places of public accommodation extended to May 1. Restaurants and hotels are on the essential businesses list and may continue operating using all recommended social distancing and health and safety guidelines. **We are working to clarify that “hotels and motels” includes resorts and campgrounds and will post again when we have that information.


MARCH 23: Press Release: National Restaurant Association announces CANCELATION of the 2020 National Restaurant Show. 


MARCH 21: Minnesota has been approved for COVID-19 Disaster Loan Assistance through the SBA. Loan Training for COVID-19 Related Economic Disruptions. Register: https://bit.ly/SBADisasterTraining

Announced March 18 by the Minnesota Department of Revenue:

Sales Tax Payment Extension for Eligible Businesses

In line with the state's continued response to COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is granting a 30-day Saleand Use Tax grace period for businesses identified in Executive Order 20-04. During this time the department will not assess penalties or interest.

Identified businesses with a monthly Sales and Use Tax payment due March 20, 2020, have until April 20 to make that payment. These businesses should still file their return by March 20. At this time, this grace period for penalty and interest is only for monthly filers and only for the March 20 payment. Businesses can request additional relief from penalty and interest for reasonable cause after April 20. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional information and guidance. If you have questions or wish to request more time, call us at 651-296-6181 or 1-800-657-3777, or email saleuse.tax@state.mn.us.


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On April 1st the Minnesota Lodging Association, Minnesota Restaurant Association and Minnesota Resort & Campground Association will officially merge to become one entity, Hospitality Minnesota. Watch here for new offerings and resources for our valued members.
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