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Why Join

Hospitality Minnesota is the state trade association for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and campgrounds.

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Our efforts to support our members can be separated into four pillars:


Hospitality Minnesota offers a powerful network of nearly 2000 members dedicated to the success and vitality of our industry. In joining, you gain access to elected officials, educational opportunities, and member-only discounts on valuable services for your business.


Hospitality Minnesota is the trusted voice of hospitality in Minnesota, advocating for your interests and rights at every level of government. We amplify your voice on the issues that matter most to you and your business.


Let Hospitality Minnesota be your first call for the tools and resources you need to successfully run your business. Hospitality Minnesota provides updates on industry rules and regulations, trainings and certifications for your team, and more. Hospitality Minnesota sources and provides you what you need, so that you can focus on your business.


By joining Hospitality Minnesota, you align yourself with professionals who share your passion and vision for our industry. We create dozens of opportunities each year to connect you with potential customers and partners who trust and value our members. You can also take advantage of the member only benefits of sponsorship and advertising to reach all of our network on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Here's What our Members Say

tony boen

Tony Boen, Grandma's

We have long been members of Hospitality Minnesota.  We strongly believe that we can accomplish more as an industry when working together with our colleagues to advance a cohesive message. We value the impact of HM advocacy and every day we benefit from the work done by the highly engaged membership and staff. We also learn about our industry trends and ideas through networking with members during events and even just phone calls. It is reassuring to know that we can pick up the phone and talk to a myriad of resources so we can make informed decisions based on the vast experience at our fingertips. And let’s be clear: it is really cool to be able to walk into a member restaurant, hotel, or campground and say, “I know the people who operate this place, this will be good!”

larry damico

Larry D'Amico, D'Amico Catering

D’Amico Catering is proud to have been an active member of Hospitality Minnesota for over 30 years. The value that comes from membership is immense; we simply wouldn’t be the organization we are today without the support of the community that Hospitality Minnesota does an excellent job of cultivating.

The opportunity that Hospitality Minnesota creates for learning, connecting and growth is unparalleled. This group provides a safe circle for our leaders to connect with other hospitality professionals and bring both questions and answers, collectively working to better the industry as a whole. We could not be more grateful for the resources and connections discovered through these relationships.

As Covid-19 wreaked havoc on our community, the steps that Hospitality Minnesota took to advocate for our industry were instrumental in forming connections with local and state government officials as they championed for our businesses. These exchanges led to increased awareness on behalf of the state which were significantly helpful as we began down the slow road to recovery.

As we turn to the new challenges ahead of us, the future of restaurants and catering depends on attracting and training talented individuals who will guide the next generation. The Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation (HMEF) is actively working to engage and educate our future workforce and leaders; this is a service to our industry that resonates in the short term and also one that protects the legacy we have all worked to build in Minnesota over the decades.

thuringer family

Thuringer Family, Maddens on Gull Lake

We love being a member of Hospitality Minnesota. With the challenges our industry has faced in the last few years, Hospitality Minnesota provides key advice on how to navigate issues such as the difficult and uncharted waters of Covid-19. Hospitality MN provides support to great programs such as “Pro Start,” which introduces young people to hospitality at a young age and combats issues like workforce shortage. Thanks to Hospitality Minnesota, we have created relationships with others in our industry across our great state, and value the wisdom that each of them hold. Best practices have been and continue to be learned and applied to our business, which allows us to serve our guests better than ever.

This association is at the center of all these interactions, facilitating discussion and bringing the best resources available to move hospitality in MN forward, each and every day. Hospitality Minnesota gives our industry power in numbers. This gives our lobbyist the ability to work hard and find issues that affect our businesses and impact positive change. Together we can work to continue to make Minnesota a go to destination.