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ServSafe Classes

Help your team protect against foodborne illness with Hospitality Minnesota's ServSafe training and exam.

Click here for Minnesota's ServSafe class schedules.

Meet our ServSafe partner, HRFoodSafe

HRFoodSafe is the leader of Food Protection Certification training and has held thousands of ServSafe® FPMC food safety classes and ServSafe® Alcohol classes. Their instructors are industry professionals and share real-life experiences as well as the technical aspects of food safety.


  • Hospitality Minnesota ServSafe Class Pricing through HRFoodSafe


    • ServSafe® Manager Book via Priority Mail,  Study Portal Access, Live Class & Written Exam at class $159.00 (plus S&H)


    • Study Portal Access, Live Class & Written Exam at class $140.00 (own book already)


    • Exam Only, No Class, No Training Materials $99.00 (you will be notified via email arrival time)


Click here for Minnesota's ServSafe class schedule.