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Restaurant Ready™️

Restaurant Ready is a national program dedicated to helping people acquire the basic job and life skills necessary to pursue jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and jumpstart a pathway to independence.

How it Works
Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) partner with NRAEF and their State Restaurant Association (SRAs) to provide training in six work-ready competency areas defined by the hospitality industry.
These competencies are designed to help participants acquire the skills, discipline, and confidence to start a job and stay employed.
The State Restaurant Association links individuals to local employers and community-based organizations provide wrap-around services to eliminate any barriers to success.

Restaurant Ready Program Goals

  • Establish the hospitality industry as a suitable place for first jobs, and as a model of employment, development and advancement.

  • Foster collaboration between community organizations, state restaurant associations, and employers.

  • Secure additional resources to support people not currently connected to school or work.

  • Provide a national standard assessment for job-readiness skills.