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Hospitality Political Action Committee

Hospitality Political Action Committee, or HOPAC

The political action committee for our industry is know as Hospitality Political Action Committee or HOPAC. Political action committees exist to influence candidate elections or to influence a vote on an amendment to the state constitution. They can contribute money to candidates, other political committees and political parties.


PACs are registered with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board, a six-member panel appointed by the Governor, which develops, administers and enforces public disclosure of all political contributions. Campaign finance laws dictate that all financial contributions to a PAC be from a personal financial account and be reported to the Campaign Finance Board. In Minnesota, it is against the law for corporations to donate money to candidates or to political parties, either directly or indirectly through another group.


HOPAC is funded by Hospitality Minnesota member donations. HOPAC contributions may go to state office campaigns, the House and Senate caucuses of both GOP and DFL parties, as well as gubernatorial candidates.


All members are strongly encouraged to donate to HOPAC. For more information, contact Jill at or (651) 925-4022.