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JUNE 28, 2021


Today Hospitality Minnesota sent a letter to the Minnesota delegation asking them to support expanding the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Applications were three times the amount of the program’s allocated funding. Bipartisan legislation would add an additional $60 billion to the program to meet the need of these businesses that are critical engines for our economy. To date, only Congresspersons Phillips, Craig and McCollum are co-authors from Minnesota.


JUNE 21, 2021


To Date Session Summary HERE


APRIL 23, 2021


The Omnibus Jobs bill was amended on the House Floor on Tuesday to include our workforce pipeline ProStart/Hospitality Tourism Management Program (HTMP) grant proposal. Huge thanks to Rep. Dave Baker (Willmar) for working tirelessly to get this in the bill. We also want to thank co-author, Chair Mohamud Noor (Minneapolis), for agreeing to add the provision to his Omnibus Jobs bill and working with Rep. Baker to find the funding for this proposal. In addition, Rep. Baker gave a shout out on the House Floor to our ProStart/HTMP competition winner schools from last week.

APRIL 12, 2021


Full Advocacy Update HERE


An update on the status of our top economic recovery priorities:


  • PPP-Tax Free

  • State Property Tax Relief

  • Restaurant Equipment Sales Tax Exemption 

  • No Interest Loans or Grant Relief

  • Workforce Development 

We are currently tracking several hundred bills in your interest. The following related to some some key issues:

  • Broadband

  • Labor Provisions 

  • Alcohol To-Go

  • Invasive Species

  • Defending the Lodging Tax

  • Explore Minnesota Tourism Funding 

  • Tourism Improvement Districts

  • Municipal Licensure of Hotels 

  • Third-Party Delivery Fee Cap 

  • Street Improvement Districts 

  • Healthy Kids Meals 

  • Vendor Allowance for Sales Tax

  • Immigration Reform

  • Liability Legislation

MARCH 29, 2021


2021 Law Review released. The Hospitality Minnesota Law Review is protected by copyright as an exclusive benefit of membership. It can be accessed by any member holding valid login credentials. If you need assistance setting up or accessing login information, please contact Therese Dillion at Duplication or distribution is prohibited.

MARCH 18, 2021


Advancing Workforce Legislation

Before the onset of COVID-19, members told us that workforce issues topped the list of their key business concerns; it is becoming clear that they have become even more urgent and complicated in the wake of the pandemic.


Legislation that seeks to create a stronger hospitality workforce pipeline is advancing through the legislature, and we need your help to keep it moving forward. 


SF1262, a bill to create grants to expand the ProStart and Hospitality Tourism Management Programs in Minnesota high schools, was heard yesterday in the Senate Jobs committee. 


Watch our senate testimony here.


The bill (SF1262/HF1324) has now received a hearing in both bodies and is being considered for addition to the Jobs Omnibus bill, a decision likely to be made in the coming days. This time is now to act:


Contact our bill authors and thank them for moving HF1324/SF1262 forward and ask them to keep going to bat for inclusion of this critical workforce initiative this session:


Contact the committee members and legislative leaders and ask them to ensure that HF1325/SF1262 is included as a priority in the omnibus bill:




RE line: Please include HF1324/SF1262 in the omnibus workforce/jobs bill

Dear [insert legislator name]:


The ProStart and Hospitality Management Programs (Fact Sheet) are critical to workforce development and the recovery of the hospitality industry. Please work to ensure that HF1324/SF1262 is included in the 2021 Omnibus Jobs bill. These successful national programs are already in 100 schools in Minnesota and we need to continue to grow these opportunities for young people. Please review this video and share it with your colleagues.


Thank you for your support!



[insert your name and organization]

MARCH 3, 2021

Legislative deadlines are fast approaching, and this is a crucial time for action. Your help is needed now, and your voice has power. Hearing directly from owners, operators and employees on how proposed legislation impacts them means more and can have more influence than hearing from lobbyists. That’s why we’re asking you to take an active role in contacting your lawmakers right now.

To help you make your voice heard and move our agenda forward, we’ve put together tools you can use to engage your elected officials. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Identify your legislators and reach out via email or phone call

2. Provide brief background on the state of the industry

3. Make a connection to your own business

For the Full Advocacy Report and our Top 10 Issues:

February 23, 2021
This afternoon, Ben Wogsland and HM members Erik Forsberg (Devil’s Advocate) and Tony Boen (Grandma’s) testified before the House Tax Committee in support of House File 921, a bill authored by Rep. Dave Baker to exempt restaurant equipment from the sales tax and to provide tax relief on certain equipment purchased in 2020-2021 in response to COVID-19.

February 17, 2021


Ben Wogsland testified in defense of the appropriate use of the lodging tax in the House Property Tax Division and in opposition to House File 551.


The City of Plymouth is seeking to make permanent an additional 3% lodging tax, in part to use to fund capital projects, which is outside of the scope of intended use -- marketing and promotion that attracts visitors.


We oppose this on its own, and because it sets bad precedent for others seeking to redirect lodging tax funds away from marketing and promotion. We were joined in opposing by the Minnesota Association of Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus. Hospitality Minnesota has followed up with a meeting with the committee chair, Rep. Youakim to reiterate our opposition, and we will be watching this closely in the Senate.


Watch the debate and testimony [Ben Wogsland at 56:30].

February 12, 2021
The Road To Recovery plan was the focus of a conversation by the Minnesota House Subcommittee on Legislative Process today. CEO Liz Rammer and member, Ken Jarka, General Manager of the Hilton Minneapolis and Chair of the Greater Minneapolis Hotel Association, provided testimony on the importance of signaling the market that Minnesota has a plan for expanding events and venue capacity in order to stop losing business to other states.
February 8, 2021

This morning, Rep. Baker (Willmar) announced a Phased “Road to Recovery” proposal to try to move our state forward in a strategic way that will safely expand capacity and put Minnesotans back to work. Liz Rammer and several Hospitality Minnesota members spoke to the press about the importance of building public confidence and signaling to the market that Minnesota has a plan to expand capacity for events, hotels and restaurants to speed our economic recovery.

Rep. Baker is working to build bipartisan support for this effort. We have asked Commissioner Grove to address such a “phased” strategic framework on the Hospitality Roundtable in hopes of moving this conversation forward. This is a work in progress, and we will be continuing to seek the governor’s engagement on helping this industry to recover and expand capacity as swiftly as safely possible. Stay tuned.

February 3, 2021

Re-Opening and Expanding Capacity:

Hospitality Minnesota is advocating directly with the Administration and legislators for the expansion of operations. Events, which are critical to operators in all three sectors and driving economic recovery, must be expanded. We are working independently and in coalition with efforts by the Minnesota Chamber, Greater Minneapolis Hotel Association, Meet Minneapolis, the Downtown Council, the MN Events Coalition, and others to push for expanded event capacity now. Our other immediate priorities include increasing restaurant table size to 10, opening bar seating in Minneapolis, extending hours of operation, expanding dining capacity beyond 50%, and expanding pool capacity to 50%. We are advancing work to allow resorts, campgrounds, houseboats and outfitters to be as open as possible for our upcoming tourism season, so we do not repeat the closures of last spring.


Senate Jobs Committee. Hospitality Minnesota member Terri Huml (Gianni’s Steakhouse) testified before the Senate Jobs Committee on SF1, (Sen. Mathews) a bill that would remove the current capacity restrictions in the Executive Orders and allow businesses to utilize safety plans, social distancing and enhanced sanitation instead.

Ms. Huml has been a strong leader on the Hospitality Roundtable, advocating for our industry with the Governor and the Department of Employment and Economic Development. Watch her testimony. Thank you to Jobs Chair, Senator Eric Pratt for working to move this issue forward.

House of Representatives. Bipartisan conversations—led by Rep. Baker—are ongoing in the House of Representatives about how to best convince the governor and the Minnesota Department of Health to move forward in a phased approach, given the improved state of the public health data. Expect more on this in the coming days.

January 26, 2021
Hospitality Minnesota had the chance to advance our agenda when we were invited to testify in favor of making PPP tax-free in Minnesota. Today, Ben Wogsland spoke before the Senate Tax Committee in support of SF263, introduced by Senator Tom Bakk, a bill to conform Minnesota to the federal treatment of PPP funds.
This is one of Hospitality Minnesota’s top legislative priorities this session. As at the federal level, operators receiving emergency relief assistance in the form of PPP should not be taxed on these funds and should be able to make deductions for business expenses.
2020 Law Review Addendum
The 2020 Law Review Addendum contains new information on laws and ordinances from 2019. This is an addendum to the full, comprehensive 2019 Hospitality Minnesota Law Review with coverage of all state and federal laws or rules. 
Whats’ New?  This Addendum includes information on new laws and ordinances, including:
  • Duluth sick and safe time ordinance (pg. 2)

  • Statewide wage theft law (pg. 9)

  • Minneapolis wage theft ordinance (pg. 10)

  • Federal eligibility thresholds for overtime (pg. 2)

  • Minneapolis and Duluth bag fee ordinance (pg. 5)

  • St. Paul Sustainable-To-Go ordinance (pg. 7)

  • October 2020 elimination of J-1 student worker unemployment insurance tax (pg. 3)

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