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As a member of Hospitality Minnesota, you can count on having voices in the public arena -- ours and yours.
Our lobbying team has deep experience and extensive networks in Minnesota public policy-making. We work hard to bring relevant perspective to the state and federal policy development process, and to advocate for legislation and ordinances that will help, not hinder your business.
2020 Law Review Addendum
The 2020 Law Review Addendum contains new information on laws and ordinances from 2019. This is an addendum to the full, comprehensive 2019 Hospitality Minnesota Law Review with coverage of all state and federal laws or rules. 
Whats’ New?  This Addendum includes information on new laws and ordinances, including:
  • Duluth sick and safe time ordinance (pg. 2)

  • Statewide wage theft law (pg. 9)

  • Minneapolis wage theft ordinance (pg. 10)

  • Federal eligibility thresholds for overtime (pg. 2)

  • Minneapolis and Duluth bag fee ordinance (pg. 5)

  • St. Paul Sustainable-To-Go ordinance (pg. 7)

  • October 2020 elimination of J-1 student worker unemployment insurance tax (pg. 3)

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Access the 2019 Law Review Above

Since no perspective is more valuable than those directly involved, we've developed an advocacy toolkit that will help you use your own voice to help public officials understand the impact of public policy decisions on your business and the wider industry.
Engage your legislator in your business through our resources, "A Day in the Life" video and toolkit.
Wondering who represents you in the State Legislature and/or U.S. Congress?
Use this handy link to easily find your representative.
Issue Briefs
We follow hundreds of bills during each legislative session on behalf of our members. We also monitor related issues at the county and city levels. Listed below are some of our top advocacy priorities for 2020.  Click each topic below to view detail.
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